ناصر رزازی خواننده بزرگ کردستان - Certification
ناصر رزازی خواننده بزرگ کردستان
ناصررزازی,ناسررزازی کاک ناصر
چهارشنبه نهم آذر 1384 :: 22:39 ::  نويسنده : شهریار بختیاری

Mr Nasser Razazi was born in June 1955 in Sanandaj. After finishing his studies in secondary school in litterature, he worked as a teacher in primary school at Sanadaj until revolution 1997 began in Iran. As a one of Kurdish most famous and loved singers, Nasser has now made more than 27cassettes which encompasses traditional kurdish folk songs as well as political and revolationary material. He has also contributed to kurdish resistans movement by struggling for many years till this movement. Now it is 10 years that Nasser lives with his wife Marziyeh and three children ;Delnia 17,Mardin 16 and Kardo 10 years old in sweden.

Nasser's songs which have allways been the bearer of messages about freedom and human rights, have indeed become the habiual phrases on the toungue of the kurdish people. During the period of this residencein Sweden Nasser has released four new cassettes and has performed in the former Sovit Union (Azarbayjan), USA, Canada, Australia, and throughout Iraq, Turkey and Europe.

Nasser is also a member of "The Kurdish Writers Association" in Sweden and "The Sweden Writers Association". He also has published four books in connection with music and letrature. Nasser Razazi sings with four different Kurdish dialects, Sorani, Haorami (Zhawaroee), Kelhori and Kurmanji.

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